Print and Digital

ELAINE simply put is a magazine that highlights beauty and art in Fashion and Glamour Photography.

Elaine was created by Andy Campos of Campos Studios. He created Elaine after spending a summer afternoon in the Texas heat ,alongside the rest of the creative team, capturing stunning images, images that though he tried various publishers were never picked up.

Instead of letting the images simply languish to only be seen on social media, ELAINE was born and those images comprised the first issue.

Elaine is NOT a model magazine to simply achieve the title of “published”.   Elaine IS a magazine that strives to bring compelling, jaw dropping images cover to cover, in the best viewing medium..print.

The goal of this magazine is not to put an issue out weekly or monthly, but to put an issue out when its ready… when there is ~50 pages of images that hit the mark and exceed it for the current concept/theme.

Elaine is driven by the concept and theme, not by a specific time frame, and having quality images to fulfill that.