I am always looking for amazing talent to feature in Elaine, esp when it fits the theme/concept of the current issue.

What I look for :

Sharp Images:  sharpness in photos is one of my things I always look for, esp in the eyes

Compelling images: something that isn’t a snapshot, an image that makes you look and keep looking.


Please don’t submit

  1. boudoir
  2. lingerie
  3. nudes/implied nudes

I have nothing against these done well and tastefully, it’s just not what Elaine is about.


Current theme is : To be announced

Ink has just been released, after a few months of planning and working on it. The next issue’s theme is currently still being decided. We will post on the web/facebook/instagram when it’s announced.



Upload low res files for review. 1200px long edge preferably

BE SURE to upload files with unique files names.